David & Greta Peters

This Weekend we have David & Greta Peters with us @ Hope City Church from Spirit Life Ministries New Zealand. Their ministry is a contemporary prophetic/teaching ministry. On Saturday 22nd April from 10am – 4pm we have a ‘School of the Supernatural’ and on Sunday 23rd David will be ministering at our morning service @ 10:30am.

For more details regarding the School of the Supernatural watch this short video below:

Pastor Tania Harris

On Sunday 12th March @ 10:30am, we have Pastor Tania Harris with us @ Hope.  Pastor Tania Harris, is the founder and director of God Conversations. Prior to this she pioneered a church in a beachside suburb of Melbourne with the Australian Christian Churches. Later She ministered in two different Bible Colleges – Harvest Bible College in Melbourne – and Hillsong College in Sydney, where She worked as the Academic Dean. Checkout Tania’s website here: www.Godconversations.com